Strategic Advice

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Mark Freeman & Associates can help you think about important strategic issues in your organisation, whatever your size or mission. We help not-for-profits to identify about the change they want to make and plan how they can achieve it.

Our approach is to work collaboratively to support the strategy process and ensure tools such as the theory of change are used at the right stage. 

Whether you are setting up a new charity, facing internal change, contemplating a merger or confronting the challenges of an uncertain funding landscape, we can help you move forwards with a clear and convincing strategy.  We can help you think about your goals and objectives, choose a focus area and identify where help is needed most. 

We can help you work through a theory of change to clarify how day-to-day activities contribute to your overall mission, setting out a clear path to success. We can help you think about steps to ensure your income is diverse and sustainable, making the most of opportunities such as social investment or other often overlooked sources of income. 

We can review the performance of your organisation to help you learn from your experiences and determine where you are effective and where you could improve. We analyse charities’ work using our tried and tested methodology, and we can adapt this framework to answer your concerns. We can also make recommendations to help you address any weaknesses, or help you with specific areas, such as impact measurement. 

We tailor our work to suit your needs and budget. For example, we can run workshops, advise on processes or produce reports and assist with implementation where necessary. 

Recently we have assisted a number of organisations with their strategic direction. We have helped a number of international not-for-profit organisations deliver and achieve approval for projects and business plans in the following areas:

  • Counsel to senior management and trustees on the strategic direction of their organisation, operations, fundraising, finances, investments and future direction
  • Business analysis of specific areas requiring advice and guidance to develop business plans
  • Development of governance models
  • Mergers and collaborative working arrangements
  • Development of strategic parameters to identify partners and acquisitions/mergers
  • Due diligence and integration of acquisitions and mergers

If you are considering using our strategy services please do get in touch as soon as possible. 
The initial meeting is free of charge, to enable us to fully understand all of the issues, and to find the best route to effective and far-reaching solutions.